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ALC, global logistical company, comes into being with the purpose of storing and transport goods either small or big sized, over short or long distances, with or without refrigerated transportation service, delivering immediately, from one day to the next, or however lead times are agreed.      
Our services cover all national and European territory for short and long distance deliveries.

We ultimately provide solutions for any transport service your business should require, offering reliability, flexibility, high quality and safety. We offer a global logistic service.

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We provide an integrated and full logistic service: orders and returns management, picking, packing, palletizing, crossdocking, handling, making inventories, reverse and advertising logistic, express distribution and delivery of pallets, digitized delivery notes management… all thanks to a developed IT system which enables reporting online information to our clients together with RF (technology which facilitates data entry through coded tags capable of receipting, placing, shipping goods, make inventories, etc.).  

Our online platform is available for you so that you can follow up your deliveries traceability.
If you need more space, we can temporarily provide some for rent.

Our logistic platforms are strategically located nationally and regionally, in the provinces of Madrid and Toledo, with direct and immediate accesses to highways M50, M45, A4 and A41 from Getafe and AP41, A42, A5, A4, R5, M50, M45 and Autovía de la Sagra, from Numancia de la Sagra.


The team of experts from ALC, highly skilled, looks after offering a custom-made manner to our clients, becoming a logistical advisory for you. If you do not know how to send your goods, we can advise you with the best solution. Ask us about it! 

We also offer our parcel delivery service

We also offer our parcel delivery service

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