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Advertising Logistics

With more than 22 years experience, we are one of the advertising logistic companies with more trade volume along Christmas campaigns. 
Thanks to the trust of our clients, in ALC we are experts in advertising logistics.

We get adapted to this kind of campaigns features: particular handlings over goods, promotional gifts, special or express distributions, implementation in superstores , this is, we custom make any particular logistic transaction for you.

We analyze your needs and improve processes day by day.    
We are competitive in order to remain in the market due to our efficiency and effectiveness.
Industrial Equipment adapted for each campaign: case erector machines, scales, palletisers, balers, strapping machines, etc.
Human Resources needed for performing the whole process
Strict Confidentiality along the whole process.

Contact us. We can help you.


We manage our providers´ orders and deliveries, receipt goods, distribute and stock it with the aim of undertaking a quality handling in minimal lead times. Once finished, we proceed to ship to the point of sale.

We count with a Customer Service Department which, in a transparent and close manner, reports any needed documentation concerning orders, updated stock, manufacturing or any possible incidence which could arise.

We adapt to the specific needs of each client and design accustom made “modus operandi” in order to reach optimal results at final point of sale.

With more than 400 item numbers, an average amount of 3.331.477 handled items per campaign and more than 135 providers, we have gained large expertise in reducing inventory differences and minimize error margins down to zero.
We also offer our parcel delivery service

We also offer our parcel delivery service

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