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Pallets express shipment

We provide an express palletized goods delivery service.
From ALC we take charge of collecting your goods at your premises, placing them at our hub in Getafe, being these classified by addresses.
By night, goods will travel to be distributed and delivered in a 24-hour service. 

In ALC we provide a connection among clients and providers in order to optimize distribution costs and delivery times.



All destinations delivery track on a daily basis.
Optimization of delivery vehicles capacity. 

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What makes us stand out?

Looking for synergies

We ship all kind of pallets: "miniquarter", "quarter", "half", "full" and "mega full".

We are able to serve as a 24-hour express shipping company, collecting today, delivering tomorrow.

We look for synergies in all our deliveries, thus reducing costs.

Our “Undersat” system, (computer mobility system), allows us for a detailed tracking of shipments, being informed about merchandise status at every turn and guaranteeing well scheduled collections and deliveries.
We also offer our parcel delivery service

We also offer our parcel delivery service

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