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Picking and Packing

At ALC, not only we perform a transport and quality logistical service, but we are experts at picking and packing tasks.
“If you are looking for a handling company, look no further, this is your provider”
Our experience in the goods handling industry has enabled us to develop a high control and quality level, both in the readiness of orders and in its delivery.

What makes us stand out?

We can offer the best traceability system which allows controlling your goods at any time.
We are experts in simultaneous readiness of orders and in the online integration with your systems.
We offer an inventory control on a real time basis, increasing yield and reducing the amount of employed resources. 
Our service enables you to exclude picking placings, due to what we reduce spaces.

Contact us. We can help you.

Our cutting-edge software lets us stand as a safe parceling company as well as efficient in the readiness of orders and prepacking.

The system labels all parcels and on each label appears the order´s license number: its sign of identity.


Thanks to our IT system we achieve quality receipts placing merchandise while searching for optimization of spaces.


We make interfaces and prepare picking and packing orders using “RF” (radiofrequency, through the use of bar code scanning), which enables avoiding “trash” times, with zero error margin, carrying out inventories at the same time.  

Safe Process

Palletizing and shrink-wrapping with custom-made packaging guarantee a “hermetic” pallet in order to avoid any external handling.

We also offer our parcel delivery service

We also offer our parcel delivery service

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