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Central Warehouse

Our warehouses in Madrid are located at the south of the province, in Getafe. We offer more than 17.945,38 sqm area allocated into three adjoining units. The main unit has a floor area of 11.500 sqm, 30 hydraulic loading bays and 2 loading ramps. The other two units are identical, with and area of 3.229,69 sqm, equipped each one of them with pallet racking, 5 loading bays and one loading ramp. We have enough capacity for more than 5.000 pallets for safely storing: both through block stacking or pallet racking.
These warehouses located in Getafe, Centro Logístico de Almacenamiento (Storage Logistic Centre), can be accessed through highways M50, M45, A4 and A41. Only 20 km away from our warehouses at Madrid, it is located another large warehouse in Illescas, (Toledo). 

It is a more than 5.000 sqm area warehouse, with 7 hydraulic loading and unloading bays and a capacity of more than 5.000 pallets placed on pallet racking complying with FEM current regulation. Thanks to its strategic location, offers numerous accesses through highways AP41, AP42, A5, A4, R5, M50, M45 and Autovía de la Sagra.

ALC can count with computerized management and tailored technology in all its premises, fact which allows us make real-time status checking like goods receipt and readiness, stock control, etc. This can be possible due to a follow-up and tracking of the product from its receipt up to its shipment in real time with the utmost precision. 


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Warehouses Location Plan and Details

We unload your goods, check receipt quality, store on a temporary or definitive basis, issue ad-hoc reports, monitorize your stock in terms of batches or expiry date, label it, ready orders (pallets, picking…), deliver it and handle picking and/or return. We ultimately take care of your goods all along the transport and storage chain.

With ALC you can turn an unavoidable cost such as logistic and storage into competitive advantages and cost saving for you and your business.

Getafe: 17.945,38 sqm,  40 docks, capacity for 5.000 pallets.

Illescas: 5.000 sqm,  7 docks, capacity for 5.000 pallets.

Lugo: ​10.600 sqm  51 docks,​ capacity for more than 15.000 pallets (frozen, cold storage and room temperature facilities)

Chapela: ​14.240 sqm,  14 docks​, capacity for more than 31.119 pallets.

Porriño: 8.200 sqm,  5 docks​, capacity for more than 5.000 pallets.

Arteixo: 2.013 sqm,  4 docks​, capacity for more than 5.525 pallets.

Palencia: 7.500 sqm, 4 docks for rear load and 16 docks for side load and a capacity for 7.500 pallets.

Barcelona: 20.000 sqm, 35 docks, capacity for more than 19.000 pallets.
We also offer our parcel delivery service

We also offer our parcel delivery service

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