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We can count on a great humane and skilled capital, which let us be greatly market competitive and, at the same time, cooperate with big social work projects.
Constant improvement, understood as the permanent orientation and performance of the initiative, innovative, efficiency and systematical application of the PDCA, ("Plan-Doc-Check-Act").

Ethics, understood as the establishment of a code of conduct which should have transparency and integrity as its foundations.

Loyalty / Sense of ownership, understood as a full commitment with the company´s mission and view.

Teamwork, a development of our abilities and powers through teamwork.

Social, individual and collective contribution. 


To be a benchmark company in the logistic industry, with the purpose of permanently meet the prospects of employees, customers, shareholders and community. 


To be perceived as a company able to meet any logistic need at local and European markets.


Continuous improvement, ethics, loyalty, sense of ownership, teamwork, social individual and collective contribution.

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“Daydream” – Surgery at Turkana

ALC cooperates with “Soñar Despierto” a charitable foundation which organizes leisure activities for kids from vulnerable and marginal families living at children´s shelters.

How do we cooperate?

Christmas party. We make a dream come true for many boys and girls. We, employees at ALC, turn ourselves into magicians who manage to bring every year the Three Kings loaded with lots of gifts thanks to the “Posada Navideña” (“Christmas Inn”) of “Soñar Despierto”.

Children´s Festival. We are volunteers for a day, offering all our affection and care to those in need sharing with them a day off with amusing activities.

We cooperate likewise in some other charitable works gathering the necessary funds in order to help “Cirugía en Turkana” (“Surgery at Turkana”) in offering medical and surgery assistance to its population at the north of Kenia.
100% of the benefit is destined to finance health devices and medicines in order to meet success at surgery campaigns and try to send surgeon teams to Turkana twice a year instead of once a year.
Visit Turkana Bar:

We also offer our parcel delivery service

We also offer our parcel delivery service

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